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Three generations of Sutherlands ^^

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why do people say chicken as a term for coward? Have you ever meet a chicken? Cause those things will fuck you up man



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Damaged - Criminal Minds

The girl assumed it was Rossi leaving her the toys?

She thought a FBI Agent was driving to her city once a year, and breaking into her car to leave stuffies? That was the logical conclusion?

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Have people around here had a lot of luck with

I got a subscription to it, and figured the logical place to start would be my grandfather, he was a soldier in WWII and survived Dieppe. I have his discharge papers, and my grandmothers army pension forms. I figured that would be enough information to find him with and go from there.

But he isn’t listed anywhere on the site. And the majority of records there seem to be from the war. I mean, if they don’t even have that listed, how would it be possible to get accurate records going back longer?

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Oh man, you know what I’m seeing a lot of? Posts in the Doctor Who tag going “IM not going to watch the leaked episode. But people knowing what happens isn’t going to stop me from speculating. I predict that *strangely specific event/conversation that has no lead up or reason for one to think will happen* will happen” and it just happens to be a scene in the leaked episode.

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So I’ve read A Scanner Darkly a billion times right. And although I think its just a goddamn masterpiece, I always thought the way the junkies talked was weird. Maybe just PKD being weird.

Junkies don’t talk like that. “Perhaps you could indulge me and pass the roach, if you could.” But then I realized, this is written in their point of view. That’s how they think they’re talking.

We’re literally reading the entire story darkly.

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Prism - Take Me To The Kaptin

An open Fuck You to all my grade 5 friends who ditched me and this song during Air Bands to do NSync instead

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Man, Molly should NOT be worried about people watching her. Because if they have no idea that other astronaut dude is alive, they are just BAD at their jobs.

Walking down her streets, hangin at the local museum, parking literally outside the building.

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Ya know, I’m willing to believe AI Kid didn’t kill that bird. Have you ever tried to sneak up on a bird? Those things are crazy paranoid. I can’t even cough without a flock of starlings freaking the hell out and trying to escape assumed impending doom.

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Did the future manage to end the need for adoption? Or did these guys think “well we can’t have a baby, literally our only option is to build an entire human. And now we should offer ALL people built-babies. What? Why didn’t we adopt? Adding thousands of new beings that need adopting when theres thousands of children who need homes already is kinda horrible? But science…”

Ah, finally someone else says this! My headcanon - stemming from how Yasumoto immediately jumped on the idea of AI children being an answer to infertile couples - is that infertility is rampant in the future, so there are fewer kids to adopt and they’ve all found homes. I’m thinking decade-long waiting lists to adopt.

See now THAT makes sense. I hope they throw something like that into the show to explain it. Otherwise it just kinda looks like this guys craaazy obsessed with making robot people. Like, thats the kinda thing I’d open with at the presentation.

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Entering the phone booth, he did a phone thing.
A Scanner Darkly
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